What is my house worth now? How much are other houses in my neighborhood selling for?
What's the best way to estimate my home's property value?

There are many reasons why you might be asking these questions: corporate relocation, tax appeals, divorce, bankruptcy, mortgage applications, estate settlements, PMI removal, real estate partnership formation or dissolution, listing your property for sale, and estimating the market value of real estate before purchase are just a few reasons.

The answer? A designated ASA certified real estate appraiser. Our highly qualified appraisers are thoroughly trained to provide a written appraisal report consisting of a description of the property and its locale, an analysis of the "highest and best use" of the property, an analysis of sales of comparable recently sold homes "as near the subject property as possible", and information regarding current real estate activity and/or market area trends. The value indicated by recent home sales of comparable properties, the current cost of reproducing or replacing a building, and the value that the property's net earning power will support are the most important considerations in the valuation of real property.

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